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The Salmon Fly

A Major New Work
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The Story of the Salmon Fly


Andrew Herd has teamed up with brilliant fly dresser Bob Frandsen to bring you a major new work - The Story of the Salmon Fly.

The story of the salmon fly is so ancient that we have no idea when or even where it began, other than that it was almost certainly invented in Britain. So little is known about the early years that no one has dared to write any more than a few chapters on the subject, which is one of the reasons why the revival of ‘classic’ salmon fly tying has concentrated almost exclusively on the late Victorian era. Lack of information means that the majority of the classic flies that are being tied to such incredibly high standards today trace their roots back no earlier than 1884, and no later than 1914 - this book is intended to fill the gap.

The salmon fly might have been invented in Britain, but it was the Irish who made the breakthroughs that paved the way for men like Traherne and Kelson. As you read each chapter you will be taken on a profusely illustrated adventure through time, showing every stage of how the salmon fly was developed into an art form by artisans whose names are forgotten today. You will discover how the Irish invented the ‘mixed wing’ late in the eighteenth century, and how by the 1840s they had discovered every technique the late Victorians knew, bar one. Most of the flies that will be shown have not been seen in living memory, because this a story that is waiting to be told.

This large-format, full colour work is illustrated with hundreds of salmon flies - most tied specially for the book. It is beautifully bound with silken head and tail bands. At over 300 pages the book is limited to just 350 copies, which can be reserved by
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A selection of Newland Salmon Flies.
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A Knox Silver Green Reeach Salmon Fly.
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