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The Medlar Press is the UK's leading angling publisher. Our fishing books include some of the great classics of angling literature as well many superb contemporary titles. Based in the beautiful countryside of north Shropshire, Medlar is proud to support the British printing industry. All our books are designed, typeset and printed in the UK using high quality sustainable paper and inks. So whether you are looking for Coarse, Game, Fly or Sea fishing books, books on barbel fishing, pike fishing, carp fishing, trout, sea trout or salmon fishing, or all-round angling, you are in the right place.

For the full list of Medlar titles, see our Bookshop page and for our latest news, sign up for our Newsletter.

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Medlar authors include: Norman Thelwell, Maurice Wiggin, Chris Yates, Arthur Ransome, John Essex, Andrew Herd, BB, Fred Buller, W.H. Canaway, Jack Hargreaves, Bernard Venables, Mark Everard, Derek Mills, Clive Gammon, John Goddard, Patrick Chalmers, Dave Tipping, Charles Rangeley-Wilson, John Langridge, Mike Ladle, Maurice Wiggin, David Rigden, Malcolm Greenhalgh, James Hardy, Alfred Jardine, Chris Newton, Maurice Ingham, Peter Wheat, John Waller Hills, Francis Walbran, Steve Ricketts, Peter Rolfe, Chris McCully, Barrie Rickards, Peter Gray, Chris Knowles, Pete McParlin, Chris Sandford, Bob Dales, A.E. Hobbs, John Knott, Phil Arnott, Tony Whieldon, Keith Harwood, David Stanley, Terry Lawton, Adrian Latimer, J.W. Martin and Harry Plunket Greene, amongst others.