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Fish Face

Jon Ward-Allen
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Fish Face


Here at Medlar Towers we are used to seeing some weird and wonderful typefaces - which got me thinking about fishy ones. A while ago, I asked Paul Cook to illustrate some beautiful initial caps for Medlar (shown right), and recently started to look for more fish-related typefaces and turned up these little beauties. If you know of any more please let us know!
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Above and top: Lauren Harvill from Atlanta,
Georgia, used fishing lures in her illustrative
alphabet called Alluring Type (2012).
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Above: Walter Hagen, a Brooklyn based but
German born designer came up with this
fish-themed ornamental typeface in 1935,
along with Arnold A. Lister.
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Kashmira Sarode, an illustrator and graphic
designer from Bangalore in India created the
fishy font shown below (and the one on the
front page of this blog).
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Ashley Dsouza came up with the type below -
A Dead Fish Type - while looking at creating
an animal typeface for a university project.
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