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Doctor Mark Everard’s achievements are as wonderfully comprehensive and diverse as the topics covered in his latest books - Fantastic FishesThe Little Book of Little Fishes, Barbel River and The Complete Book of the Roach. He is well-known not only for his work as a writer and his contributions to the world of aquatic science, but also as an environmentalist. His fascination with the natural world, particularly for those things that live in water, has continued from his childhood days through to a PhD in aquatic biology and his ongoing research, advisory and national environmental policy roles. He was previously a Director of the Anglers’ Conservation Association and now supports the Angling Trust. He has represented organisations on numerous government advisory committees and has advised government bodies in other parts of the world working towards aquatic conservation.

Mark’s all-round specimen angling successes, often featured in the angling press to which he is a regular contributor, owe a great deal to the application of his scientific understanding. Mark likes catching roach, particularly big ones, including hundreds of specimens over two pounds from farm ponds, estate lakes, gravel pits, small streams, canals, and large rivers since he was a schoolboy. Amongst them are three-pound fish from two different rivers. His 3lb 2oz roach is one of seven species for which he has held the Bristol Avon river record. Mark's personal best roach is a stunning 3lb 11oz wild specimen taken from a lake in Northern Ireland. His best river fish, taken from the Hampshire Avon, weighed in at 3lb 6oz 4dr. Mark has also pursued the species overseas.

Mark has appeared on the TV programme Springwatch.

Mark and his family (Jake and Daisy) live overlooking the upper Bristol Avon in the village of Great Somerford, Wiltshire. In his spare time, when he is not fishing or travelling, he also enjoys scuba diving, photography, walking, music (playing lead guitar in a local band), and he also keeps some tropical fish!

The Complete Book of the Roach is also available in a limited quarter-bound leather binding.

Medlar titles by Dr Mark Everard:

Fantastic Fishes
The Little Book of Little Fishes
The Complete Book of the Roach
Barbel River