Chris Berry has spent forty years deliberately underachieving, in order to catch more fish. Just occasionally, it has paid off. His angling career has seen him catching everything from Scottish salmon to Arabian sailfish, but he is happiest chasing pike or tench, often in the company of his son Ed or infamous twin brother, Jon.

After university Chris spent ten years as a journalist in London and the Middle East, before giving it up to teach English. This change of direction was partly a desire to inspire young minds, but mostly so that he could have more days off to go fishing.

Chris has written extensively on many subjects, but Tunny is his first angling book. When not fishing or working, he enjoys mountaineering, malt whisky and trying to stop his Yorkshire cottage from falling apart. Chris’s remaining ambitions include climbing at least one Himalayan peak and catching a bigger pike than his current best of 32lb - neither of which he expects to achieve any time soon.