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Keith Harwood is a Lancastrian born and bred. He was born in Chorley in 1952 and educated at grammar school in Blackburn. He was a student at the universities of Hull and Liverpool where he gained a degree in Classics and a diploma in Archaeology respectively.

Keith regards himself as an all-round angler and has fished since the age of seven when his grandmother bought him his first rod and reel. His angling apprenticeship was served on local mill lodges and farmers' ponds. Nowadays, he fishes chiefly for trout and grayling on his local rivers: the Ribble, Hodder, Aire and Wharfe, with occasional forays after salmon, barbel and pike. His fishing has also taken him further afield - to Canada, Alaska and Norway. When he is not fishing he likes to dress flies, especially classic salmon flies, and he is an angling bibliophile with a large library of angling books.

Keith is an author of several books and a regular contributor to Waterlog magazine and to other angling journals both at home and abroad. He is particularly interested in the history of angling and the influence of angling on artists and poets and their work. 

He is married with two grown-up children and one grandchild and lives in the beautiful Ribble Valley. He has now retired from teaching Classics.

Keith is currently working on a new edition of The Float and an anthology of Scottish fishing - The Angler in Scotland. He also chose and edited the angling texts for Colin See-Paynton's Air and Water, 2006.