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Founded in 1994, the Medlar Press is the UK's leading angling publisher. Our fishing books include some of the classics of angling literature as well many superb contemporary titles. Based in the beautiful countryside of Shropshire, all Medlar books are designed, typeset and printed in the UK using high quality sustainable paper and inks. Whether you are looking for coarse, game, fly or sea fishing books, or books on barbel, pike, carp, trout, sea trout, grayling, mullet or salmon fishing, you are in the right place.

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Terence Clifford-Amos
reflects on
John Inglis Hall's

How to Fish a
Highland Stream

Classic Angling Books

To celebrate 25 years of publishing we have updated and rebound many of our angling classics -
and most of them are now in stock. Remember - you can reserve a copy of any forthcoming
title online and we'll get back to you as soon as it's available.

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With continuing pressure to improve water quality in the UK, some grim reading about our local river Severn has just been published by the Angling Trust - read it here. If you would like something better to read about fish and fishing, we are publishing some great new titles this year and you can make orders for Medlar books in the usual ways - directly via this website or by phone, email or post. Royal Mail strikes affecting our deliveries are still possible but posting is currently operating reasonably well. We'll let you know when any more disruptions are due. Overseas postage is still subject to delay and increased charges. Further details can be found on our Ordering page.

Medlar authors include: Phil Arnott, John Aston, Elwyn Attwood, “BB”, Dame Juliana Berners, Chris Berry, Fred Buller, William Caine, Ken Callahan, W.H. Canaway, Patrick Chalmers, Eddie Chambers, Terence Clifford-Amos, Michael Charleston, Henry Coxon, Bob Dales, Mary Douglas, Donald Downs-Baird, Malcolm Dutchman-Smith, Jon Edy-Berry, John Essex, Mark Everard, Hugh Falkus, Bob Frandsen, Clive Gammon, Maurice Genevoix, H.A. Gilbert, John Goddard, Peter Gray, Malcolm Greenhalgh, James Leighton Hardy, John James Hardy, Jack Hargreaves, Keith Harwood, Warren Hastings, Cliff Hatton, Andrew Herd, John Waller Hills, A.E. Hobbs, Eric Hope, Timothy Hurrell, Maurice Ingham, Alfred Jardine, Peter Keen, John Knott, Christopher Knowles, A.E. Knox, Mike Ladle, John Langridge, Adrian Latimer, Terry Lawton, Donald MacIntosh, J.W. Martin, Chris McCully, Peter McParlin, Derek Mills, Paul Morgan, Chris Newton, Kevin Parr, Dexter Petley, Michael Pickford, Harry Plunket Greene, William Quarry, Charles Rangeley-Wilson, Arthur Ransome, Barrie Rickards, Steven Ricketts, David Rigden, Iain Robertson, Peter Rolfe, Beverley Ronalds, Stanley Salmons, Chris Sandford, Tim Scott Bolton, Colin See-Paynton, H.T. Sheringham, Simon Smith, David Stanley, Peter Stone, Francisco Suay, Gilbert Tew, Norman Thelwell, Dave Tipping, Bernard Venables, Francis Walbran, Richard Walker, Izaak Walton, Peter Wheat, Ken Whelan, Tony Whieldon, Maurice Wiggin, Mike Winter, Phil Woodhall, Chris Yates.