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Peter Rolfe is a retired schoolmaster who now looks after four estate lakes in South Wiltshire, after doing a spot of small-time fish-farming and water plant cultivation. Although he sold all his old cane rods to afford some decent modern gear, he runs the fisheries in  a very traditional way. For example, on three of the lakes only one rod is allowed. All are mixed fisheries, with a good head of biggish tench, crucian carp and roach to go with the carp, the numbers of which are controlled so that they don't take over the waters. The story of the renovation of these lakes is given in his autobiographical book Net on the Garage Wall.

He spends more time working and dreaming by the lakes than actually fishing - but that's the privilege of old age! He takes his time over coppicing and pollarding willows that never want to stop growing and still uses a scythe to cut grass rather than a strimmer, so he can hear the birds singing! He enjoys the atmosphere and wildlife of the two estates, and chatting with the small number of fishermen lucky enough to have one of the limited season tickets.

His great enthusiasm is for crucian carp and has researched the species as thoroughly as he can. His biggest is 3lb 10oz - but who's counting!

He's also into Mozart and English, his old subject, running U3A groups in writing and literature.