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We understand how difficult it can be to choose a book for a fishing spouse, relative or friend so we thought we’d give you a few ideas.

First, it’s useful to know whether you are buying for a game fisherman (trout and salmon) or someone who fishes for coarse fish (pike, barbel, carp, chub, roach etc.). Or perhaps they enjoy sea fishing or a bit of everything. You can, if you like, browse through our website looking at the various categories - we’ve listed them here to make it slightly easier and you will then have the option of viewing the results as a grid, list or table and sorting them by A-Z or by most recently published (date added).

salmon, trout, carp, pike, catfish, barbel, chub, gilthead sea bream, sharks, perch, tunny, zander, gudgeon


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It’s hard for us to single out any of our books for gifts as we think they would all make fabulous presents but if you are still undecided you can phone us on 07442 960606 and we’ll try to advise further. You could also consider buying a gift voucher.
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A few comments about Medlar titles :

'An outstandingly good book . . .' - Sandy Leventon in Trout and Salmon Magazine about Hugh Falkus - A Life on the Edge

'A tour de force!' - Angling Times about Richard Walker - Biography of an Angling Legend

'. . . one of the best texts about fish I have ever read.'
- Andrew Herd in Waterlog about Aphrodite’s Carp

'. . . the largest and most detailed study of a freshwater species ever published.' - Brian Clarke in The Times about The Complete Book of the Roach

‘. . . drama, scandal and extraordinary insights into barbel fishing history.’ - Angler’s Mail about A Can of Worms

 ‘. . . one of the best pieces of writing and thought in fly fishing literature.’ - John Betts about The History of Fly Fishing

‘Probably the best book about fishing ever published.’ - Keith Elliott, The Independent about Casting at the Sun

‘One of the funniest angling books ever written.’ - Halieus, Waterlog about One for the Road

‘. . . the best account to date of . . .Scottish salmon politics' - Atlantic Salmon Trust about Saving Scotland's Salmon

‘. . . a pioneering, not-to-be missed book' - Alexander Schwab about Fish & Fishermen

‘. . . the angling book of the year' - Andrew Herd, Waterlog, about A Train to Catch

‘I was frequently reminded of 'the master' [John Gierach] as I read this book' - Trout and Salmon Magazine about The Glorious Uncertainty

‘ . . . full of quirky delights . . . Nicely produced by the admirable Medlar Press, this book is well researched and great fun to read’ - David Profumo in Country Life, about Fish & Fishers of the Lake District.