Jon Berry author of coarse fishing books

Jon Edy-Berry lives on the border of Wiltshire and Somerset, where he is a senior leader at a large secondary school. When not teaching or spending time with his family, Jon fishes for carp, pike and trout, with occasional forays after other species. He has written three other angling books, edited a series of anthologies for the Medlar Press and contributed chapters to several other publications. Jon was editor of Barbel Fisher magazine for two years, but cannot remember the last time he caught one. Angling friends confirm that he has a reputation for forgetting essential tackle items and eating their food.

He is a supporter of Southampton FC, a member of the infamous Golden Scale Club, a red wine enthusiast and describes himself as a ‘failed musician’. He is currently working - very slowly - on a novel based on shell-shock during WW1 and a short book about trout.

Beside a Carp Water is his third book for the Medlar Press.