ISBN 9781899600472
Copies: Unlimited
Extent: 208pp
Size: 250 x 175
Binding: Hardback with dust-jacket
Illustrations: Monochrome and full colour throughout
First published 2009. Reprinted since then.
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J. W. Young
Elwyn Attwood
Anglers the world over are familiar with the reels of the firm J. W. Young but few are aware of the history of their development. With astonishing attention to detail and a wealth of historical documentation and illustration in support, Elwyn Attwood has traced the life of this influential company and the products that made them so famous. As well as providing a historical background to the development of the Young reels, it also gives a fascinating insight into the characters that formed the corporation over a century of reel-making.

' . . . detailed facts and quality photographs of well over 150 reels, giving us by far the most comprehensive reference yet published on the firm's work . . . The book offers a wealth of reading and a lot of valuable information for collectors.' - Classic Angling
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